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The Secret Service has another embarrassing situation to explain as the temptation to steal was apparently too much for former agent Shaun Bridges. As part of the 2013 operation to bring down the notorious “dark” website Silk Road, Bridges used his access to the computer files of the website to help himself to $300,000 worth of bitcoins. He has plead guilty to charges of money laundering and obstruction of justice.

Bridges’ scheme was straightforward and very profitable. After Silk Road admin Curtis Green was arrested in January 2013, he debriefed agents in Baltimore. Bridges took his admin credentials, logged in, and started locking Silk Road drug dealers out of their accounts. He then looted the accounts, grabbing about 20,000 Bitcoins, and put them into his own account. US District Judge Richard Seeborg read out each of the government accusations against Bridges in court today, and the man responded “yes sir,” acknowledging he had committed each of the acts. Bridges moved the Bitcoins into his Mt. Gox account. They were worth more than $300,000 at the time of the theft. Bridges moved the money into a Fideltity account called Quantum International Investments LLC between March and May of that year. By then, the bitcoins were worth about $820,000.

Sentencing has yet to take place but it is doubtful that Bridges will face the same fate as the founder of Silk Road.

Silk Road operated for nearly three years and was the largest website of its kind on the dark Web. Its creator, Ross Ulbricht, was tried and convicted earlier this year on charges of conspiracy to aid in drug trafficking, money laundering, and computer hacking. He was sentenced to life in prison.

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  • Suzanne McFly

    It seems these people are so smart, and yet they are complete idiots. How do you steal hundreds of thousands of dollars and not make sure your tracks are covered?

    • whatthe46

      i would love to ask him if it was worth it. this idiot had a really nice job. damn fool.

    • Larry Schmitt

      I’d like to know how you steal something that doesn’t exist.

      • Tommie


      • katkelly57

        True that…all they have are fake coins you can hand out like wooden nickles.

    • katkelly57

      How do you steal hundreds of thousands of dollars and not make sure your tracks are covered?

      It’s a secret.

      • Suzanne McFly

        I guess this guy wasn’t knowledgeable about the secret either.

  • Tommie

    I see the President is surrounded by crooks and drunks! Nice people to have around to protect the head man!

  • bpollen

    Makes ya wonder how much wrongdoing they have buried?

  • rg9rts

    At least he didn’t stiff a hooker

    • Suzanne McFly

      Always looking for the bright spot lol

      • rg9rts

        Of course….head the monsters leave today~!~!!!! School’s in session

  • robert

    from 820 to 300 k ?

    talk about a vicious financial hit