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Conventional wisdom says that Donald Trump is a flash in the pan in the mold of Herman Cain or Fred Thompson. That could very well be the case. That doesn’t mean that he can’t do serious damage to the Democrats in the meantime, especially during tonight’s debate.

This evening’s GOP face-off is expected to have the largest audience in cable news history because of Donald Trump. More people could be watching this debate than any other in history. This audience will be more than political junkies – it will be people who don’t even care about politics and/or those who probably don’t even vote on a regular basis. This is a huge opportunity for the Republicans if the candidates on stage are smart enough to take advantage of it.

With this unprecedented viewership, Trump, or another Republican candidate, could impress and a large segment of the voting public will see it. It will not only be their first look at individual candidates, but, for many, it will be a first real look at the GOP.  Take into account the inevitable attacks on Hillary and the Democrats and the politically naive audience at home could eat it up. So thanks to Donald Trump, the entire night is the chance for the re-branding that Republicans have spent years desperately trying to accomplish.

No one should underestimate how much an animated and entertaining Donald Trump could hurt the Democrats. If he makes the case that “any” of those standing there would be better than Hillary, non-political types watching could take that to heart. If Trump goes for unity with his opponents while attacking Democrats during this highly watched event, the damage could be very real and long lasting.

First impressions mean a lot and thanks to Donald Trump, the Republicans have an unprecedented chance to dazzle a disengaged public. So rather than telling people to grab the popcorn and get ready for a freak show, Democrats should be chewing some antacids and hoping that the GOP falls flat on their face tonight. If they don’t, then Donald Trump may impact the election in a way no one on the left seems to anticipate.

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By: Mark Quincy Adams

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  • Mike

    Yes, but your entire premise is predicated on “… if the candidates on stage are smart enough to take advantage of it.”
    Sorry, but there is no historical proof of this happening with the assembled clowns in this car…it would be something new if a republican went on TV and didn’t alienate at least one new demographic…

    • Mark Quincy Adams

      True but you never know. They certainly will try to spin their opinions in the best possible way and an audience unsophisticated in political rhetoric could make for an easy target for their lies.

  • Foundryman

    I wouldn’t watch tonights debate if they paid me. All ten of them are complete buffoons, clowns and idiots, they have nothing to say with any substance or sense. I won’t be surprised to learn from one of them claim Obama’s FEMA camps are filling up in preparation for WWIII.

  • Budda

    I’m going with the assumption that most folks ( politically astute or not ) know that Trump is a buffoon.

    • Foundryman

      I would hope that would be true, but I don’t know….there’s a lot of stupid people out there.

      • whatthe46

        i’m not skeered.

      • Budda

        so true on the stupid else can Trumps popularity be explained?

    • What’s wrong with a strong military? We can keep our freedoms with political correctness.

      • Budda

        Nothing is wrong with a strong military but our Military-Industrial Complex is sucking our country dry. We spend more on our military than the next ten or twelve nations combined and most of them are our allies! We provide arms to over 90 nations. It is Americas biggest export.

        Trump has simplistic statements about complex issues. Things are not just black or white, there is a huge grey area in everything in todays world.

  • amersham46

    and just one off base remark ,,,, then FIREWORKS

  • Kick Frenzy

    Honestly, I’m fine with it if they lower popularity/favorable ratings for Hillary.

    That just means Bernie is that much closer to the nomination! :D

  • George K

    The key word is CABLE. The GOP has already botched their opportunity to get any message out by choosing to make their debate available to such a limited audience.

    • weelerSoonn

      Forgot about that – should’ve made it free for all the broadcast channels, but I guess Fox “News” profits are more important.

  • weelerSoonn

    “This audience will be more than political junkies – it will be people who don’t even care about politics and/or those who probably don’t even vote on a regular basis.”
    Think about it this way though, if it goes bad it can cause serious damage to the brand and to all the things they talk about. Those people watching are already anticipating a WWE and Jerry Springer episode combined. They’re gonna say to themselves “Wow, so being against minimum wage increases is the preferred option of clowns? So attacking Planned Parenthood with deceptive videos is their side’s position? So being against the tough Iran deal is the joke position? Being against gay marriage/equal rights is what clowns promote? Damn, I don’t wanna be with hateful loser clowns that are considered massive jokes, I wanna be with cool Joe or Hilary or Bernie!”

    • Mark Quincy Adams

      Yes, that could happen too. Let’s hope so!

  • Buford2k11

    this circus is hurting America…the gop keeps insisting on embarrassing us in front of the world..

    • Oh…Aren’t tired of political correctness, tired of losing jobs to illegal immigrants, Visa overstayers and immigrants from mainly Latin America. Muslims telling us how to act in our country and also in their country, I guess bending over is normal for some, how about standing tall and fighting the enemy, illegal immigrants, making them accountable, make them pay.

      • fahvel

        hey l’il irishman, remember when your ancestors were the lowest of the low illegal immigrants and were detested and spurned and then became cops and firemen and ruled NYC? your kind of bs diminishes all the incredible contributions all the folks who gravitated to the usa have made.

        • I’m not Irish I’m Norwegian/French, and we came here legally.

      • We better get use to increased migration, refugee flows and infiltration. It’s not just here, globally people are on the move fleeing wars, criminal gangs (some hiding among refugees) and various economic, social and environmental upheaval. Most of the flow is from a poor south to a wealthy north.

        Globally the biggest flow of people, is from Mexico and Latin America to the U.S. However, the movement of displaced people in Africa heading towards Europe may soon over take the U.S. Mexico flow in both scale and human tragedy.

        • I agree but I like it to become legal even though they show up illegal or Visa overstayers allow their passports and Visa’s to expire, allow them the chance to become legal, think of the costs and jobs that’ll create. In the current SE Asian country I’m in now the Bureau of Immigration allowed overstayers to get legal, they have leave the country and return again with the passport stamps and then apply for Non-Immigrant status, so basically the same thing that Donald Trump is asking for.

          • In theory it’s a good idea, sending people back home to get a stamp and return with it. Although I have my doubts about the Mexican political establishment. They have a sweet set up making hundreds of millions of dollars a year in remittances from expats and even more from NAFTA and illegal drugs. Not even Pancho Villa could turn this train around!

            • Exactly, the SE Asian country makes plenty on foreigners such as me. I’m required to check in yearly and pay a token fee but every 5 years I pay more and get a new card, I’m also required to keep up my US Passport, so all this creates revenue and I read in another article that a 250,000 people from the Philippines are Visa overstayers in the US, they’re not paying anything if stopped paying my immigration fee’s I’d be deported and blacklisted for 7 years, I also cannot leave the Philippines unless I check into the Philippine Bureau of Immigration 3 days prior to departure to ensure I haven’t committed crimes or?

              Bottom line is we need to get these immigrants registered legally, with passport from their homeland, those that don’t make good citizens need to be deported and banned, this includes those that are married with kids, sorry they do that to us in other countries we need to get tough because they are not citizens and if they don’t want to follow the rules are unhappy here politically they need to go, I’ve seen several expats get kicked out for speaking out politically, we need to do the same thing primarily with the Muslims.

              • I did not know about the 250,000 Filipinos, can you provide a link?

                It would do no good to try and register if the Mexican govt will not cooperate. We deport, they come right back. And in reality this situation benefits the political establishment on both sides so they have no motivation. At present it’s a stalemate… we need some kind of game changer to recalibrate the relationship. Probably drug legalization would be the catalyst.

                • Middle of the article it’s actually more now, this goes for other nations, not just the Philippines, many that come here for a work contract or vacation. People from the municipality I live in can’t return here to see their kids because they are illegal in the US, Canada other area’s and have overstayed so they can’t or don’t dare travel plus they don’t want to come back here, I know of several, found out from my wifes friends basically their spouses never return and never bother to get legalized, the Middle East occasionally rounds them up and deports them.

                  • Thank you, that was an informative post. I am sure most Americans are like me and knew nothing about Filipino migration to the U.S. and the recent surge. I suspect some of the increase may be related to human trafficking and prostitution, also frequently found along the U.S. Mexico border and often operate in concert with Mexican drug cartels. It’s a mess!

        • On another note, I’m having trouble commenting from the Liberland website and have to make my comments from Disqus? Wonder if anyone else is having issue’s with the Liberaland forum.

  • Suzanne McFly

    This article is written in a way that portrays rumpster as acting like a sober, thoughtful, even-tempered person. He is none of those, so this article is pure fiction.

  • BillTheCat45

    That’s giving waaaaay to much credence to the GOP’s ability to sway anyone sane, and waaaay too little faith in sane Americans’ ability to see through garbage.

  • Chris

    Classic panties-in-a-bunch worry wart material. As the great philosopher Bobby McFerrin so eloquently put it years ago, “Don’t worry. Be happy.”

    My God. With such a buffoon as the Donald, of course he’ll bathe in adulation no matter how badly he comes across. His fan base loves his resentment, and forgives any slip he makes. Fox News will follow the debate with love letters.

    Face it. Democrats haven’t one candidate with his star power. Thank God; I have faith the majority of the voters can see through this nutball.

  • Jack E Raynbeau

    I’m watching it delayed. So far Trump is the winner. I detest the man but I have to be honest.

    • Thanks Jack for watching and taking one for the entire LL team! Please report back what you saw, if it doesn’t eat you and your brain!

      • Jack E Raynbeau

        My friends wanted to take me to a Kansas concert. Kansas no longer exists. I’d rather visit the in-laws or have a barium enema.

        • whatthe46


    • whatthe46

      what? is he talking about how he can build things? and then file for bankruptcy. and that’s what i’ll do to this country. build and file…

      • Jack E Raynbeau

        No. It appears that this whole thing is to trash Trump. So far he has stuffed it up their collective arses.

        Let me reiterate. I detest the man. I want to see them expose his insanity. So far they have failed.

        • whatthe46

          he exposed his own in a great way. but, he also exposed them. they didn’t contest most of anything he said. and that’s the problem the GOPissers are having. they don’t denounce his rethoric. which means, they agree with his big mouth, they just won’t say it as loudly. and yes, he did talk about building stuff.

  • Jack E Raynbeau

    Update. They weren’t able to clobber Trump so they turned the hatred to Hillary.

  • Jack E Raynbeau

    OK. The whole thing devolved into a Jesus fest.

    • Progressives won’t give up any money for Jesus, but they’ll sure cook for him and wash his dishes, God forbid the wallet ever opens other than making the American Tax payer suffer.

      • whatthe46

        what would Jesus buy?

      • cwazycajun

        well that money rarely winds up in the hands of a dead guy more like inthe wallet so some conman posein as a priest reverend minister etc etc

    • whatthe46

      i thought i was the only one who noticed.

  • KillAllTheRednecks .

    Mark Quincy Adams: Concern Troll

  • cruisersailor

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the GOP ends up with Trump as its candidate for president in 2016.

  • Judgeforyourself37

    Trump has said some very “anti GOP” rhetoric, higher taxes for the wealthy, pro choice agenda, and a single payer health care system. If he chose to run as an Independent, as he has threatened to do, he will hurt BOTH the GOP and the Democrat chosen candidates for president.

    • whatthe46


      • Judgeforyourself37

        You are right, the Trmpster changed his mind again.

  • jeffreyd

    bullshit… the Donald is a plant.. He is going to show US all just how off course up our perception of politicians can get. The emperor has no cloths comes to mind…

  • robert

    they say knowledge is power

    the donald says he’s got the facts and have spoken to people but has yet to clue us in on what he knows ?

    Direct questions have been asked and insults are the only reply Sorry if i disagree at this point because ” they are eating our lunch ” doesn’t tell me anything.

    sooner or later i hope we get to hear or see old ross perot videos when he ran for president and maybe trump can elaborate on how THEY are eating our lunch

    but don’t bet on it

    • whatthe46