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While It’s great to see the GOP trip over themselves to remove the Confederate flag from buildings, license plates and even their own history, it is also important to note that this is merely a political calculation by them and is not being done out of any sense of real understanding or compassion.

Not that this is anything new. The Confederate Flag has always been used as a political tool by the right. For the past generation, the “Southern Strategy” has been in full effect for Republicans. Southern heritage and the region’s enduring affection for the Confederacy were used with great success to shift power from Democrats to Republicans.

Suddenly, embrace of the Confederate Flag is no longer politically viable. It’s become clear what it really stands for and why it has been used for all these years. Reince Priebus, Nikki Haley and the rest of the GOP sense this and are attempting to move out of the way of this speeding freight train as fast as they can. Not out of compassion, but because of political expediency.

This illustrates why Progressives must keep fighting the good fight. Those of us who have been criticizing the flag for years are winning. Our hard work has created the political environment that has finally caused the Republicans to surrender on this issue.

So, celebrate the victory, acknowledge how long it took to finally win and keep your eye on the ball. Progressives are on the right side of history. Even if we never convince the most hard core right wingers, we will create the political pressure needed to drag them kicking and screaming into eventually doing the right thing.

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By: Mark Quincy Adams

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  • mea_mark

    The ‘southern strategy’ is starting to fail and one of it’s symbols is coming down. It’s just a matter of time for the GOP, they will be coming down also. I just hope that the conservatives in America decide to actually embrace some conservative values that are, well, valuable. The fake conservatism of the last 40 to 50 years has run it’s course and it is time for it to go away.

    • bushputz

      I agree that the GOP is starting to fall apart, but it’s not going to go away soon, and it’s going to do plenty of damage on its way out. Every time we say it’s almost dead, it resurrects itself with some new lie or new way to steal elections.
      We have to continue to hammer away at it and take every opportunity to expose it for what it is. We cannot rest until the current brand of Republicanism is truly dead.

  • thule

    I get the impression from this posting there were never any racists in the Democrat party in my lifetime. Heck, even Al Gore’s father (Albert Gore Sr.) voted against the Civil Rights Act (but he did vote for the Voting Rights Act). Robert Byrd anyone?

    Please, can we be a little more even handed? Maybe just a little?

    • Mark Quincy Adams

      I am talking about the past 40 or 50 year here. If you go back in time, yes it was the Democrats who were racists but that has flipped and been the other way around for a very, very long time. I’m sure you know that as well as the rest of us.

      It’s convenient for Conservatives to cherry pick through history, but it doesn’t accurately reflect any modern day reality. Also, where were these compassionate Republicans lately? They fought to keep the flag in place, that’s where. Your argument is as tired as it is irrelevant. Maybe you use it because you feel guilty, or maybe it’s just because you’re being foolish. Either way, it doesn’t work for those with any grounding in the real world or any knowledge of contemporary history. Nice try and thank you for your input.

    • jasperjava

      The constant here is that conservatives have always pandered to racists. That was true when the conservatives called themselves Dixiecrats half a century ago, and those who call themselves Republicans today.

      Robert Byrd was a racist Klansman who denounced his past. In 2008 he endorsed a mixed-race Black man to be his party’s nominee for President of the United States. It’s a great American story of redemption.

  • bpollen

    They may be doing it for the wrong reasons, but I will gladly take them doing the right thing for the wrong reasons.

  • Wilda

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  • The Original Just Me

    Do they have any idea what they are doing or even why they are doing it ?