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For so many years now, Republicans have called anyone to the left of them a “Socialist”. Spit out as a slur, they tried to pin the label on everyone from Eisenhower to Obama. Now, it is backfiring on them in a big way.

Enter Bernie Sanders. Admittedly, he’s a socialist-lite; calling for a mix of capitalism and a strong safety net, but he’s not afraid to use the “S” word. Thanks to the failure of Republican policies and the flawed argument that it’s a one or the other choice between capitalism or socialism, many have come to see the only alternative to what they view as a failed system as “Socialism”. 

In addition to the excitement for the Sanders campaign, new polls show that Socialism isn’t viewed as it once was, especially among the young. A recent YouGov survey found that one-third of millennials actually view Socialism favorably.

So, by oversimplifying their arguments and using “Socialist” to describe anything they disagree with, Republicans have actually made Socialism a viable choice. To many – particularly young people – Socialism isn’t a slur, it’s simply the alternative to a conservative movement they want absolutely no part of.

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By: Mark Quincy Adams

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  • Thanks GOP. No, seriously.

    • mea_mark

      I guess they are doing at least one thing right.

  • Budda

    Excellent point. The Republicans/conservatives have become so despised by many that any alternative is viewed as better.

  • liberalMD

    I think we need to educate people about what socialism really is. Too many schools, especially in the 1960s and 1970s, equated socialism with communism and sent students off with a negative impression of socialism. They are distinctly different philosophies of government. I think somewhere there exists a happy medium of capitalism and socialism, and Bernie Sanders may be able to provide that insight.