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As a young preacher, Mike Huckabee hosted a television program from the pulpit of his church. No doubt fueled by boatloads of gravy and a love for Jesus, young Huck opined on all the hedonistic issues of the day. Yet, all these years later, most of these archives are still being concealed from the public by the former Arkansas Governor.

Good luck tracking down sermons from Mike Huckabee’s two decades as a Baptist preacher. The GOP presidential candidate, who once started a television station out of his church to broadcast his sermons, kept those tapes under wraps during the 2008 presidential campaign.

It’s impossible to know why Huckabee continues to hide these sermons. There seems little chance that he could say anything that would make his devout followers question his sincerity. From the little that’s out there we see Huckabee cursing Satan with enough ferocity to appease even the most cynical evangelical. However, there must be some reason for the cover-up. Perhaps he believes rants like this embarrassing little nugget uncovered by Mother Jones would hurt him with more mainstream voters.

It’s a sad thing but it’s true in this country: 10,000 people a year are directly killed by alcohol in this country. Ten thousand. But we license liquor. There’s one person a year on average killed by a mad dog, just one. But you know what we do? We license liquor, and we shoot the mad dog. That’s an insane logic! But it’s what’s happening, it’s because we love pleasure more than anything else. A lot of times we look around our society we see this problem we see pornography and prostitution and child abuse and all the different things that we’re all so upset about. You know why they’re there? You know why they’re in the communities? You say “because the Devil”—they’re there because of us.

No matter the motive for his continued stonewalling, demanding voters want to know. What did the young pastor from Hope say and why did he say it? Until Governor Huckabee releases the tapes, he will have a devil of a time explaining this lack of transparency to a public he hopes will elect him President.

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By: Mark Quincy Adams

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  • tracey marie

    Sin, so many theocrats are afraid of pleasure especially sex, so they cloak their fears and claim god hates what they hate and fear.

    • whatthe46

      nicely said tracey.

  • You don’t need the tapes. “Gays = bad. Abortion = murder. You’re all going to hell just because.”

    • dave-dr-gonzo

      “… Now, watch me play this electric bass!”

  • William

    “It’s a sad thing but it’s true in this country: 10,000 people a year are directly killed by alcohol in this country.”

    and an estimated 300,000 due to Obesity.

    What’s your point Goober?

    • bpollen

      Those shirts F*CK with my eyes…bet they would freak out my TV too…

      • William

        I posted that photo before, and someone replied that it reminded them of mattress covers.

        • bpollen


      • whatthe46

        that’s some serious optical illusion going on there. brain ache.

    • cecilia

      not to mention poor fashion taste
      yuk, those shirts!

    • eyelashviper

      They had four dogs, but that was before lunch….

    • LeftCoastLeftie

      Those strips aren’t exactly slimming, are they?
      “Honey, does this shirt make me look fat?”
      “No, dear, your enormous fat body makes you look fat.”

      Which one is the dog-killer?

      • William

        I believe the dog killer is the moon pie in the middle.

        Remember when Huckabee complained of Natalie Portman having a baby out of wedlock?

        my personal favorite is the Hucksters criticism of the first family and the horror of the Obama girls listening to Beyoncé.

  • William

    Hidden tapes? The stuff he says overtly and on the record is crazy enough.

    • whatthe46

      this man has a serious hardon for women and not in a good way. oh fk, i just grossed myself out.

      • William

        Let it go, you’ll feel better

        • whatthe46

          yeah, i’m sorry about that. i wish i could take it back.

  • bobby1122

    I agree with your low opinion of Huck- trust no politician who comes from Hope, Ar. -their slime factor is + 200/,

  • Huck is not a contender in the 2016 auction;
    He’s whipping up his evangelical base
    to raise his speaking fee on the loon circuit.

    GOP does not need Huckabee to win the crazy states.
    He is a liability everywhere else;.

  • robert

    put tre gowdy on it ! those video tapes will surface in no time

  • wpadon

    People could just make things up and then say Gov. Huckabee should prove them wrong. “I have heard from a reliable source . . .”

  • fahvel

    who cares – the jerk is just a momentary cypher.