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In a radio interview with Tampa talk show host Maduri, the former congresswoman proved she is the gift that keeps on giving.

How do you feel about President Obama embracing our traditional enemies like Cuba and Iran. Is he going down a dangerous path?

“That’s the worst thing that could happen. This literally is the worst part of the Obama presidency. You can get economics wrong and you can turn it around. We saw Ronald Regan do that in a remarkable way. Where we do have problems decades into the future are disasters with foreign policy. We had, prior to this time, four state designated sponsors of terror in the world, Iran being the worst. Obama, for some inexplicable reason, has decided that he wants to elevate Iran, he wants to do away with all the designation the state sponsors of terror and he wants to bring Iran equal to any other country in the world and help them economically and militarily for no reason at all. This puts Iran in a position where they would have the fire power to be able to take out not only Israel, but they would have the fire power to use intercontinental ballistic missiles against the United States with nuclear chipped warheads. This virtually guarantees in my opinion, World War 3 and I think that alone would qualify Barack Obama for being the worst president that the United States has ever had to endure.”

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By: Alan

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  • Larry Schmitt

    Of course, it’s much better to keep them as enemies, that will definitely lessen the chance of war.

  • Suzanne McFly

    Apparently, stupidity knows no bounds.

    • Larry Schmitt

      If there are bounds, she’s doing her best to find them.

  • craig7120

    W sets fire to the middle east by starting a war, yeah but, but, some dems voted for it, ……..right. Obama uses diplomacy in the middle east when discussing nuclear weaponry and somehow this is considered starting ww111.
    Tom Cotton is quoted saying he wants to bomb Iran and this is celebrated by the extreme right, bibi hates any deal that doesn’t include the military option and he’s cheered on by the republican party.
    War cost our country trillions of dollars, war cost the lives of countless soldiers, heartbreak and despair for families, wounds and depresses our country’s conscience, creates more threats on the american citizen and completely destroys any chance of reigning in and shutting down the the extremist on both sides.
    Stupid people like Michele Bachmann being removed from office by vote would be a great start to the healing of our war wounded country.

  • arc99

    When it comes to foreign policy, cheerleaders for the catastrophe known as the Iraq war, need to sit down and STFU.

    We listened to you once and you gave us a $1trillion catastrophe for weapons that did not exist. And spare me the bullsh*t about bringing the tyrant Saddam to justice. You’re the ones who tell us that it is not the federal government’s job to provide health insurance. But spreading democracy to foreign countries is the job of our government?

    I beg to differ.

    • rg9rts

      Remember who brought home Osama’s head on a platter

  • rg9rts

    Why does anyone listen to what this has been has to say

  • jybarz

    Worse than Dubya & RayGun?
    You got to be kidding, Crazy Eyes!
    You just can’t hate people forever and ever.
    Show a bit of Christianity for once.

  • tracey marie

    Such stupidity. Can someone explain to me why Cuba is our “enemy” and why we should fear the country and the people?

  • raypc800

    All she is doing is saying that the TPGOP is frothing at the mouth at the thought of trying to mess things up to start another war. War to the TPGOP=$$$$$ in their masters pockets and their own.

  • Kick Frenzy

    Really, Michele?
    You’re going to invoke Reagan?

    The guy who, as our president, sold weapons to Iran?!?

    • StoneyCurtisll

      Not sold…
      Traded…(not that it makes a difference)…:)

      • Kick Frenzy

        Depending on the report/info you look up.
        I searched for the topic to make sure “sold” was appropriate and a lot of results had “sold” in them, so I went with that.

        But like you say… either way, Reagan got weapons to Iran.

        • StoneyCurtisll

          I believe you’re right~!
          My mistake..:(

          • Kick Frenzy

            No worries

  • Roctuna

    She may be out of Congress but she’s still got those eyes and her statements are sounding more Palinesque all the time.

  • ExPFCWintergreen

    I wish Obama would start guaranteeing some useful things, dammit. Like this paint I’m using. I wish he’d guarantee one-coat coverage. Now *that* would be some useful guaranteeing.

  • labman57

    Michelle “Chicken Little” Bachmann has a penchant for taking unsubstantiated, isolated anecdotal accounts, wild rumors spawned from the right wing blogosphere, and her own personal delusions and using them as the basis for formulating public policy.
    This is largely the result of her inability or unwillingness to do her homework before making public comments regarding important foreign policy decisions, science-related issues, societal topics, and historical events.

    Who needs verifiable evidence, unbiased comprehensive data, fact-checking, and sound reasoning when you can rely upon highly speculative supposition and inflammatory innuendo instead?

  • bpollen

    The reigning Queen of BSC (Bat Shit Crazy.)

  • Warman1138

    Bad publicity is better than no publicity, hence the latest sighting of the famed ( and hoped to be soon extinct ) dodo subspecies Stupidus Shut Upus.

  • illinoisboy1977

    Cuba is a non-issue. Communism is doomed to self-destruction, given enough time. Iran, on the other hand, is a serious threat. They will continue to be a serious threat until they completely give up their nuclear enrichment activities. Anyone who actually believes them, when they say they’re “merely pursuing peaceful nuclear power” is living in a fantasy land.

  • burqa

    We’re going to miss her when she’s gone.
    This ration of idiocy merely serves to strengthen her number one position in the Right Wing Dunce Contest. In other words, right now Bachmann is leading the field for the GOP nomination in 2016.


  • liberalMD

    I am not aware of an event in history where diplomacy and negotiations directly resulted in a war, much less World War III.

    Ms. Bachmann has to say something outlandish every once in a while to keep her name in front of the media (like Pat Robertson and Allen West). Otherwise, we all would forget her like a killed mosquito.

    • burqa

      Neville Chamberlain pretty much codified the German takeover of Austria and Czechoslovakia as well as their reoccupation of the Rhineland and convinced them they would be unopposed in their invasion of Poland. Hitler thought they were bluffing when the Allies said it would be war.
      Many historians cite the settlement at the end of World War I as setting the table for World War II.

      I’m not sure of your point. There have been many occasions where war followed negotiations and diplomacy. Those talks broke down and war followed. In a number of cases one side made demands in negotiations the other side could not, or would not accept.

      Simply sitting down and talking is not enough. Both sides need to negotiate in good faith and they have to find a solution that is agreeable to both.
      With Iran, when I initially saw the framework negotiated by President Obama, I thought it looked good, but now I don’t think so. The reason I don’t think so is it does not accomplish our goal, which is for Iran to stop it’s nuclear weapons program.
      What is needed is for Iran to declare, the way South Africa and Libya did, was they were abandoning these programs and calling in inspectors to witness them being dismantled.
      We should not get distracted from this being the object of the exercise.

      Iran has not changed their policy of seeking nuclear weapons. Therefore Iran can be expected to find ways to continue their efforts to get nuclear weapons.

      South Africa, on the other hand, changed their policy and all worked out well.
      Iran needs to do what South Africa did, and at the moment they are not.