Bill O’Reilly Announces Support For Immigration Reform; Conservative Heads Explode

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My colleague Bill O’Reilly said that after a phone call with Florida Senator and gang of 8 member Marco Rubio, he was convinced to support the immigration bill.

O’Reilly explained that some Republican senators – he cited Sens. John McCain (R-AZ) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) – were trying to strengthen border security measures. The new proposal, O’Reilly stated, would come down to doubling the border patrol from 20,000 to 40,000, building 700 miles of new fence, and installing new technology to track illegal border crossers. What of the pathway to citizenship? O’Reilly said that he spoke with Rubio on the phone, and Rubio assured him that the pathway would be 13 years long: “Sen. Rubio told me on the phone today,” O’Reilly said, “that it would be at least 13 years – thirteen – before people in the country illegally right now could gain full legal working status and even longer to achieve citizenship.”

…After his monologue on immigration, O’Reilly debated radio talk show host and bestselling author Laura Ingraham on the issue. She told O’Reilly not to follow Democrats’ “phony, fraudulent narrative,” and said that she was “uproariously laughing” at Republican senators who supported the bill. She also pointed out that support for the bill from lax border security advocates like Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Dick Durbin (D-IL), and President Obama should show that the bill does not do enough for border security. O’Reilly said, “I don’t think McCain is a liar.”

Pat Cunningham notes the “vicious backlash” from knee-jerk conservatives who can’t handle someone they almost always agree with evolving on a position they hold dear, presenting some of the ridiculous comments on the conservative Breitbart site.  Hard to tell what’s worse to these people, liberals like me with whom they always disagree, or someone they generally admire who thinks for himself and doesn’t always tow the party line.

–I’m done with The O’Reilly Factor. I’ve watched The Factor every day for the last 5 years, but I’m done…What happened to “We report. You decide”? What happened to “Fair and Balanced”?

–O’reilly has become just another stooge. Someone who said he doesn’t like bloviating, has become the biggest bloviator of them all.

–O,Reilly is a dupe, Stop telling us your a big picture guy unless its a big picture of a clown.

–Gasbag Bill, the blowhard of the century, isn’t qualified for anything but picking up dog crap in central park and being a blabbermouth a hole on cable. Boycott anything to do with this excuse for a journalista. Hey Bill go somewhere hot and hellish.

–who gives a sh*t about the bloviating O’Reilly…

–So yeah, good ole Bill is on board with the back-stabbing traitor Rubio. Not gonna affect his life one bit, well, maybe he gets his lawn mowed cheaper and his new roof won’t be so expensive. For the rest of us, a super-sized crap sammich.

–Foxnews is RINO , establishment GOP , party line . It only goes conservative when the GOP establishment wants them. We need an real conservative cable news network.

–O”Reilly is a Democrat turned independent and holds beliefs counter to Republicans.

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