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I guess the “patriots” are objectively anti-condom:

The Tea Party is having conniption fits over a “Dirty Bingo” safe-sex seminar taking place at North Carolina State University.  I guess the Tea Party is now skipping the “give me liberty” part entirely since they’re now apparently opposed to safe-sex education.

For a while the Tea Party has been fighting allegations that it’s a den of racists, homophobes and sexists.

And now it appears the Tea Partyers have a problem with sex too.

Raw Story has more:

A group of tea party students say that they are outraged after North Carolina State University purchased about $300 worth of items to demonstrate safe sex — including an “anal plug,” six vibrators, three dildos and a “booty booster.”

According to Campus Reform, Union Activities Board (UAB) purchased the sex toys as prizes for a “Dirty Bingo” event scheduled for Feb. 12.

In a letter posted to Facebook, UAB President Lauryn A. Collier explained that $304.69 has been spent on “a few edible undergarments, Fifty Shades of Grey book and game, six vibrators, four surprise packs, three dildos, a toy cleaner, lube, a sex game, a sex position book, an anal plug and a booty booster.”

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