David Plouffe Chides Candy Crowley On Air For ‘False Equivalence’

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More like this, please!

White House senior adviser David Plouffe on Sunday called out CNN host Candy Crowley for making a “false equivalency” by suggesting both Democrats and Republicans had made the same efforts to hold the debt ceiling hostage to push their agenda. … “Just reminding people that the president himself, when he was in the Senate, voted against the debt ceiling,” Crowley interrupted. “So these people that he’s suggesting want the country to go into default are doing the same thing he did when he was a senator.”

“No,” Plouffe replied sternly. “He did vote against it, he’s spoken to that. That’s a political vote and he’s learned from that. But at the time, Congress wasn’t threatening to say we’re not going to pay our bills unless we get what we want — deeper cuts in Medicare than are required — or we’re going to tank the economy.”

“I mean, this false equivalence needs to stop,” he added. “The barrier to progress here is not the president. We need more Republicans in Congress to think like Republicans in the country who are seeking compromise who are seeking balance because we are poised here to really grow.”

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