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From: Lois
Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2012 1:41 PM
To: Alan
Subject: fool

You are an idiot

 Lois, your subject says “fool” and your email says “idiot.” Can you please make up your mind?

From: dennis
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2012 2:35 PM
To: Alan
Subject: HA !

What a sore loser ! If you can’t handle this butt kicking, how will you react when Romney wins the election ? Obozo is a lying, racist, socialist muslim.

And you Sir, are an ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-MILITARY libturd.

Uh, I believe President Obama was reelected a month after you wrote this.

From: chris
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 9:38 AM
To: Alan
Subject: For Alan

Damn you’re unlikeable

You not liking me is a feather in my cap.

From: Gary
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2012 5:05 PM
To: Alan

When you were a professional stand-up comedian, the only time you ever got a laugh was when you first came out on stage and introduced yourself to the audience. Now that you talk politics for a living, people laugh at everything that you say.

From now on Gary, whenever you see me, then, there will be a cover and two drink minimum.

From: John
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2012 1:11 PM
To: Alan
Subject: I saw u on fox news today and….


 I saw u on fox news today and why were you so rude today, you interrupted the other guy while he was talking. Why would a American vote for a Muslim for president?  You really need to wake up and get a grip on what is happening in “our” government. …Do what your’e  inner most self is telling you! Alan you can make a huge difference! It will take alot of GUTS but I believe you can do it!!

Think of our kids!,

I am glad you are thinking of our kids, but I hope you are not teaching them–at least not English.

From: Chuck
Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 8:46 PM
Cc: Alan
Subject: That POLITICAL “dummy-crat” !

O’reilly… week after week you pollute your Show with that (Political “dummy-crat”) Alan Colmes !

Colmes is about at “sharp” as a Bowling-Ball…  a few more points on the Political Chart and (he) could actually be the  :dummy-crats” National Political symbol….the JACKASS !

I once actually pricked my finger on a bowling ball.

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