Video Of Barack Obama Being Born In Kenya! (Yeah, Right)

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Mugsy has the video and explains the holes in its veracity. It supposedly shows Barack Obama, Sr. filming the proceedings (but, then, who was filming Sr.?)

The footage is supposedly a VHS transfer of a home movie shot by Barack Obama Senior of wife Stanley Ann Dunham giving birth to her son on August 4, 1961. The video is so bad and so full of holes (conspicuously focusing on things like a glance at the calendar and a shot of Ann’s hospital chart, conveniently off-center so that a Kenyan Flag sticker appears in the frame), It’s difficult to imagine anyone might believe it’s real. But then again, look at the crowd we’re talking about here.

Among the film’s faults:

  • The film is purportedly a “VHS transfer of a Super-8 home movie filmed by Barack Sr.” Super-8 (16mm) film first appeared in 1965.
  • The conveniently placed Kenyan flag on the baseboard next to the patient chart wasn’t adopted until 1963.
  • The woman in the video resembles, but clearly is not the woman in the photo of Ann Dunham on the patient chart. Likewise, it would seem unlikely that the Obama’s would be traveling with a full-sized enlargement of Ann’s YEARBOOK PHOTO that the hospital could attach to her chart rather than take one of their own.
  • 6 inches of umbilical cord that falls off with no cutting? Umbilical cords are typically around 2-feet long and must be removed with a scalpel or surgical scissors.
  • The child is clearly not a newborn. A 15-20lb baby, awake, eyes open and supporting it’s own head?
  • No placenta. No “slime” on the child upon emerging from a rapid & near effortless birth.

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