Numerous Hollywood Republicans Claim There Aren’t Numerous Hollywood Republicans

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And many Hollywood Republicans come out to say it’s very difficult to come out as a conservative in Hollywood.

“There’s a quiet group of people in Hollywood who are meeting and growing and supporting Gov. Romney. But I’d like to see this group decide to come out of the closet and start speaking out,” Janine Turner, star of the hit 1990s series “Northern Exposure,” told the Daily News.

“There’s freedom of speech in Hollywood, but only if you’re liberal,” the staunch conservative claimed. “We were glad when Clint Eastwood stepped out (at the Republican National Convention in August). I’m just sorry it’s not more. We just need some people to make some brave steps. We shouldn’t be asked to tape our mouths shut…

“I noticed my popularity on the set started to dwindle. People went from, ‘I just love working with you,’ to glares. They saw I was on Fox News and didn’t approve,” the Emmy-nominated actress said. “I had one actor follow me out and whisper, ‘I’m with you, but don’t tell.’ I won’t say who it was. Interestingly enough, I wasn’t called back the next season.”

She said she also was in advanced negotiations for a major-label cosmetics campaign in the past six months but feels she lost the job after the advertising team visited her website.

But let’s not forget that shows hosted by liberals like the Smothers Brothers and Bill Maher were cancelled, as were those with Phil Donahue, Ed Asner, and a bunch of others.

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