Romney’s Week Of Lies

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Steve Benen compiles them, and these are just the first six.

1. Mitt Romney told Fox News this week, “You know, no one in the [Democratic] convention so far has had the temerity to say that people are better off in America, because they realize it’s not the case.”

Actually, it is the case, and nearly every speaker at the Democratic convention has said so.

2. In the same interview, Romney said he rejects “the decision of the president to slash our military by a trillion dollars over this decade.

That’s demonstrably false.

3. Romney went on to say “there’s no question” President Obama took “work out of welfare” and “waived the work requirement in welfare.”

I continue to believe this is as blatant a lie as any modern presidential candidate has told. It simply has no connection to our plane of reality, but Romney keeps repeating it.

4. Asked about the president’s rescue of the American auto industry, Romney told Fox, “Well, my view from the beginning was that the auto companies needed to go through a managed bankruptcy. And ultimately, that’s what the president did.”

Romney can take credit for Obama’s policy, or he can condemn Obama’s policy, but to do both is obviously dishonest (and more than a little ridiculous).

5. In his weekly podcast, Romney boasted, “I have a plan to create 12 million new jobs.”

Putting aside the pesky detail that Romney doesn’t actually have a specific jobs plan, the fact remains that if we do nothing, we’re on track to create 12 million new American jobs over the next four years anyway.

6. In the same podcast, Romney vowed he’ll be able to “cut the deficit and put America on track to a balanced budget.”

Actually, Romney says his plan “can’t be scored,” but independent budget analysts have found his agenda would make the deficit bigger, not smaller, and add trillions to the national debt.

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