GOP Senate Candidate Says Pregnancy After Rape “Is Like Having A Baby Out Of Wedlock”

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By TheRiverWanders

Tom Smith, GOP challenger for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, said in an interview earlier today that a pregnancy caused by a rape is like “having a baby out of wedlock.”  The staunch right-to-life candidate also said “Put yourself in the father’s position. Yes, it’s like that.”  Despite the foregoing comments, Smith claims to repudiate statements made last week by Missouri’s beleaguered Todd Akin.

Put yourself in the father’s position“?  What does this mean?  That rapists are just dads whose fatherhood had a rough start?  That down deep, rapists just want to be dads and don’t know how to go about it in a legal way?  That single fathers are rapists?  That single mothers won’t mind being raped, because, you know they already have a child?  Or that Smith – and the rest of the puritanical, hypocritical Republican party – resents women for having reproductive rights?

Rather than get distance from Akin’s “misspoken” sentiments, Smith shows his firm alliance with his Republican brethren; after all, rape is just another form of conception, right, Paul Ryan?

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