Rep. Chris Van Hollen: Romney/Ryan Plan Would Hurt Medicare Recipients Over 55

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Romney and Ryan keep saying their plan to eventually end Medicare won’t affect those over 55.  But it’s not true.

In an interview [with Greg Sargent] Rep. Chris Van Hollen pointed out that the Romney/Ryan agenda constitutes far more than just Ryan’s plan to quasi-voucherize Medicare. It also includes the repeal of Obamacare — which, if done successfully, will drive up care costs up for seniors..

“This definitely needs to be emphasized: It is simply untrue that the Ryan-Romney plan will have no immediate effect on Medicare beneficiaries..It will immediately raise the costs for seniors with high prescription drug burdens. It will immediately raise costs for preventive health care services under Medicare.”

Van Hollen noted that repealing Obamacare would get rid of its provision closing the Medicare “donut hole,” that that seniors with high prescription drug costs “will immediately get hit hard under their plan.” Obamacare also eliminated the co-paytments for preventive services under Medicare, to encourage seniors to seek care before their conditions worsen and become more expensive.

“The Romney Ryan plan would immediately increase those costs,” Van Hollen said.

I spoke with Van Hollen on radio Monday night where he punched holes in the lie that Democrats would cut Medicare. The rate of growth slows because payments to providers are produced, and the money goes to help seniors with prescription drugs.

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