Colorado State Senator: We Should Consider Banning Mosques Because They’re Not Like Churches

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Colorado State Senator Kevin Grantham agrees with far right Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders that the United States is vulnerable to a takeover by “a dangerous ideology,” i.e., Islam.

Appearing in Denver at the Western Conservative Summit, Wilders opined:

“My view, in a nutshell, is that Islam, rather than a religion, is predominantly a totalitarian ideology striving for world dominance,” he said. “I believe that Islam and freedom are incompatible.”

…State Sen. Kevin Grantham, R-Cañon City, said it’s worth paying attention to Wilders and the alarms he was raising.

“It’s warranted in this country,” Grantham told The Colorado Statesman minutes after Wilders finished his speech….”we should take heed and watch where we’re heading in this country.”

Regarding Wilders’ suggestion that Western governments ban construction of new mosques, Grantham said it was worth considering.

“You know, we’d have to hear more on that, because, as he said, mosques are not churches like we would think of churches,” Grantham said. “They think of mosques more as a foothold into a society, as a foothold into a community, more in the cultural and in the nationalistic sense. Our churches — we don’t feel that way, they’re places of worship, and mosques are simply not that, and we need to take that into account when approving construction of those.”

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