Conservative Blog Commenters Memorialize Andy Griffith By Remembering Him As “A Communist Piece Of Garbage”

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There is a certain subset of America known as blog commenters. We have them here at Liberaland and are quite familiar with them. Not all of them are bad. In fact, most are good. But among the bad are the bottom dregs of society. In addition to his many show business awards, Griffith was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush in 2005. But Griffith really angered the people below when he supported Barack Obama in 2008 and did a 2010 PSA for the Affordable Care Act. For that, say the commenters, he should rot in Hell.

From the Blaze:

Progressive POS. Have fun burning in Hell for eternity. — Red Meat

Good people don’t promote laws that will directly lead to the death of millions, hope someday I get to spit on his grave. — Swampy

So long Andy [smiley emoticon] You are a total sell out to this great nation. You are a communist piece of garbage and you will not be missed. — Truthbeliever2

From Free Republic:

Griffith was a total communist and hated this country. He was a bitter resentful person as Libs usually are. He was wasting air that someone else deserved. I won’t miss him in the least. — el_texicano…

Later in life he did a movie called “Gramps” where he played a sinister old man. Given how truly EVIL obamacare is, I imagine this character came naturally to him. — brickdds

yup looks like he died before he could vote for obama again — al baby

What makes you think he won’t still vote for Bamby? He is, after all, a Democrat. — JaguarXKE

This joke — Griffith will now vote over and over because he is dead — appears again and again in these threads. These folks have “constant voter fraud is going on!” like Wonkette has buttsecks jokes.

And from Breitbart’s Big Hollywood:

More dead Hollywood vermin. Who cares? — Conway193

They never showed you on the TV show Sheriff Taylor’s white hooded outfit that he kept in the back of his closet, next to Opie’s and Aunt Bea’s! — xnobozos

What justifies this kind of rhetoric? Apparently, it’s because “libs” do it:

Ever see a lib blog after one of ours dies? Ever seen the unbridled filth and hatred in which they roll around like pigs? I for one am sick and tired of playing nice with commies. We will never win if we continue to allow them to play by different rules.

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