We May Find Out How The Universe Works On July 4

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That’s the day scientists might announce the discovery of the “God particle.”

On Wednesday at the CERN particle physics research centre near Geneva, two separate teams of “Higgs Hunters” — a term they profess to hate — may well announce they have spotted it.

Or at least something that looks incredibly like it.

“Think of it as a smoking duck,” says Oliver Buchmueller, a senior scientist on one of the teams, the CMS.

“If it walks like a Higgs and it quacks like a Higgs, then we would have to at least consider the possibility that we have a prominent new member of the Boson family on our hands.”

The Higgs Boson is a vital component of the “Standard Model” — the all-encompassing 30-year-old scientific theory of how the universe works at the simplest level.

Without it, says U.S. physicist Matt Strassler, “nothing like human beings, or the earth we live on, could exist”

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