John Boehner Can’t Answer How He’d Replace The Affordable Care Act

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Questioned by Norah O’Donnell on Face the Nation, Speaker Boehner could not answer what he’d do in place of Obamacare.

NORAH O’DONNELL: So when you repeal this, what are you going to replace it with?

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER: I just started pointing out. We’re going take a common-sense, step-by-step approach that puts in place the kind of policies that will make our– our health insurance system more what I call patient-centered and lower cost. The only proposal out there last year that would lower the cost of health insurance came from Republicans. Why? Because we’ve got policies that really will help bring down the cost of health insurance. It’s clear that Obamacare is increasing the cost of health insurance for all Americans and making it virtually impossible for small employers to hire new workers…this has to be– this has to be ripped out by its roots. This is government taking over the entire health insurance industry. The American people do not want to go down this path. They do not want the government telling them what kind of insurance policy they have to buy and how much they’re going to pay for it and if you don’t like it, we’re going to tax you. It has to be ripped out and we need to start over, one step at a time.

NORAH O’DONNELL (overlapping): And so you say so– so– so to heck with all these provisions like additional preventative care for children, for women–

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER (overlapping): All of them. All of– we can– we can replace. While we replace this, we can have a common-sense debate about which of these provisions ought to stay and which ought to go.

NORAH O’DONNELL: So all those people who have preexisting conditions, you say we’re going to get rid of this and then at some point we’ll deal with it?

REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER: Listen, I’ve already outlined we believe there’s a better way to provide access to high quality health insurance in a different way than we have in Obamacare. We believe ours will work just as well at much less cost to the American people.

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