Zimmerman Attorney Says Trayvon Martin Broke His Client’s Nose

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Craig Sonner, attorney for George Zimmerman, says Zimmerman had a broken nose and lacerated skull as a result of his encounter with Trayvon Martin. Sonner spoke with Anderson Cooper.

Despite all this, he did not believe his client was racist. “He actually mentored an African American boy,” Sonner noted, and Zimmerman’s wife mentored a young black girl. What’s more, the mother of the children, when asked, “did he make comments to you that indicate he is a racist?”, denied it.

The most interesting information Sonner gave Cooper, however, was his accusation that Martin had hurt Zimmerman during the violent exchange. While he did not know why Zimmerman found Martin suspicious, Sonner noted Zimmerman’s “nose was broken, he sustained injury to his nose and on the back of his head; he sustained a cut that was serious enough to merit stitches, but it took too long to get to the hospital.” Cooper asked how Zimmerman’s nose broke– “an injury done by Trayvon Martin.”

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