Conservatives Create Partisan Divide Over “Obama Bump” At Whitney Funeral

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A number of conservative sites are claiming left-wing bias because Roberta Flack said to CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, “Let’s have an Obama bump here.”  Piers Morgan and O’Brien then fist-bumped Roberta Flack, and the right-wingosphere is going crazy. Newbusters calls it “overt partisanship.”

After CNN’s Soledad O’Brien took some heat a few weeks ago for accepting a high five from Roland Martin as congratulations for skewering Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, you’d think she be careful not to demonstrate such overt partisanship while on the air.

Tommy Christopher at Mediaite puts this into perspective.

Let me get this straight: R&B legend Roberta Flack is wrapping up a segment of remembrances at Whitney Houston’s funeral, offers Soledad O’Brien a pound, rather than a handshake, and Ms. O’Brien is supposed to do what? Spit on Roberta Flack because she called it an Obama Bump? Perhaps launch into negotiations? “I will gladly accept your departing gesture, provided you re-moniker it in a less partisan fashion.”

Drudge has the headline “CNN anchors ‘Obama Bump’ At Funeral” and Hot Air headlines “CNN’s ‘Obama Bump’ moment.” Maybe I missed something, but did Barack Obama copyright this greeting?

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