Gingrich Continues Attacking The Media. This Time: Fox And Friends

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Once again, fair questioning of Newt results in a lashing out against the interviewers. Clayton Morris asked Gingrich about Mitt Romney’s demand that he release the House ethics report on him.

[Gingrich] then took a sharp turn to attack the hosts, offended that he had been asked to “take seriously” Romney’s demand. “Even in the news media, you ought to have some sense of balance. As a reporter, don’t you have some sense of balance? Isn’t ‘fair and balanced’ part of Fox News?” [Dave] Briggs jumped in to defend Morris’s question, explaining that he was giving Gingrich a chance to respond, not legitimizing any claims. He also expanded the question to propose that it was up in the air whether “any of this mattered. Gingrich responded that “if there is something wrong, we deserve to know” with Romney’s taxes only because of the “billion dollar Obama campaign” that would crush him if there was something wrong there– as opposed to Gingrich’s ethics investigation, which had “been covered for 20 years; it’s all out in the open.”

It appears that Gingrich, realizing that attacking the media is working for him in South Carolina, is looking now to do this at every opportunity. As Mediaite notes, this is the man who said, “Any ad which quotes what I said Sunday is a falsehood.” Newt is playing on the right-wing’s hatred of all things media to gin up support, and it appears to be working.

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