Mitt Romney Won’t Say If States Have The Right To Ban Contraception

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Tommy Christopher has an important post on Mitt Romney’s unwillingness to answer a very basic question: Should states have the right to ban contraception. Romney kept deflecting, saying it didn’t matter because no state wants to. But the question was philosophical, with George Stephanopoulos wanting to get at where Romney stands on the issue of privacy. Griswold Vs. Connecticut guaranteed that right, and all Romney had to do was say whether he agreed with that decision. Instead, he punted, at one point turning to Ron Paul as a “constitutionalist” who could answer the question. The Republican audience was clearly on Romney’s side and booed the question.

Romney continued to avoid answering the central question, whether there is a right to privacy enshrined in the Constitution, and Stephanopoulos continued to dog him, asking if the Constitution should be amended “in this case?”

“To allow states to ban contraception?” Romney said. “No. Why would we try to put it in the Constitution? With regards to gay marriage, I told you that’s when I would amend the constitution. Contraception, it’s working just fine, just leave it alone.”

Stephanopoulos tried one more time. “I understand — you’ve given two answers to the question. Do you believe that the Supreme Court should overturn it (Griswold) or not?”

The crowd disapproved of the followup, and Romney kicked it into the stands again. “Do I believe the Supreme Court should overturn Roe v. Wade? Yes, I do.”

This kind of ignorance might play well with an audience that feeds on media victimhood, but in a general election, Romney is going to need to be better prepared for questions like these.

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