Russell Simmons: “You Can’t Evict An Idea”

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Russell Simmons can see Zuccotti Park from his window and stands in solidarity with the movement daily. He knows what is truly going in there:

I didn’t join the crowd to answer anyone’s threat or to prove a point. It actually seemed silly to me that the Occupiers were being challenged to retaliate in reaction to the recent raid on their home – as if something like that could kill what this movement has become. I was there simply to support a movement that I believe in…

Their community was destroyed, belongings trashed and their safety threatened by an influx of drug addicts, ex-cons and mentally ill individuals who came for the free food and clothing available in their tent city (who they compassionately provided for as best as they could). And some were even brutalized by the NYPD.

Yet, their love for this country and their conviction to stay in the fight for all that have been hurt by the current regime remains undeterreed.

Let’s not forget that Occupy Wall Street has already inspired the defeat of the anti-collective bargaining law in Ohio and the removal of Bank of America’s five-dollar bank card fee. And Simmons is behind a constitutional amendment that would take private money out of politics to create a more equitable paying field.

Every Occupier and protester has their own focus but they are all inter-connected. We all want a fair democracy back. We want this for our children and the time has come to demand it.

In order to get it, we will take to the streets and occupy. And when our occupations are destroyed we will re-occupy, because you can’t evict an idea…or a dream.

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