Mississippi “Personhood” Leader Admits Birth Control Would Be Outlawed by Initiative

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By The River Wanders

Walter Hoye of “Personhood USA” acknowledges that familiar and effective birth control methods such as The Pill and IUDs would be effectively outlawed by the enactment of Initiative 26 in Mississippi. Hoye spoke on the Diane Rehm radio show.

HOYE: Any birth control that ends the life of a human being will be impacted by this measure.

REHM: So that would then include the IUD [intra-uterine device]. What about the birth control pill?

HOYE: If that falls into the same category, yes.

REHM: So you’re saying that the birth control pill could be considered as taking the life of a human being?

HOYE: I’m saying that once the egg and the oocyte come together and you have that single-celled embryo, at that point you have human life, you’ve got a human being and we’re taking the life of a human being with some forms of birth control and if birth control falls into that category, yes I am.

The “personhood” movement is based on the determination that if a method “ends the life of a human being,” it will be illegal.  Can this philosophy be extended to include spermicidal foams and jellies?  Those substances are cytotoxic by design and would be next on the list of exclusion.  What else might they determine is illegal?  Medications that are prescribed to the woman that could have negative impact on a zygote?  Life-giving medications for asthma, seizures, and multiple sclerosis?  What about cancer treatment drugs?  I’m not sure Mississippi is ready for the backlash this poorly-conceived legislation will bring.

There is something fundamentally wrong about giving clumps of cells “rights” that supersede those of living humans.

“If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation.” ~ Abigail Adams

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