Rep Doug ‘Tar Baby’ Lamborn: Not Listening

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By TheRiverWanders

House Representative Doug Lamborn (R-CO) had a lot of feedback after he likened working with President Obama to handling a ‘tar baby‘.   Apparently too much feedback.  He’s posted “PRIVATE PROPERTY” signs at the entrances of his Colorado Springs office which warn, among other things, “NO PROTESTING“.

Security concerns require that the general public cannot have instant ingress and egress from every building, office, and room housing governmental employees even when the public pays fully and directly for the space, but Doug Lamborn seems to think his actions are above reproach and that he can insulate himself from the consequences of those actions by hiding.  Actions like the ones he takes as a public servant on behalf of the public.  Not My Tribe’s Eric Verlo points out Lamborn’s problematic accessibility as well as the signs’ obstruction of the First Amendment: the people have a guaranteed human right to peaceably assemble and seek governmental redress of grievances.  When a government representative likens anyone of color – anyone – to a ‘tar baby’ there is indeed a grievance that needs redress.

Teaparty “patriot” Doug Lamborn cherry-picks The Constitution to serve his convenience and takes the “Don’t Tread On Me” motto a step further: “Don’t Talk To Me, Either”.

No man would listen to you talk if he did not know it was his turn next ~ Edgar Watson Howe

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