AFA’s Bryan Fischer Unfairly Attacks Bachmann’s Chances Because Of Migraines

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The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer says if The Daily Caller story on Michele Bachmann’s headaches is true, she can’t be running the country, and a Rick Perry candidacy is inevitable.

…it must be said that should the content of Strong’s piece be verified, I do not see how a Bachmann candidacy can survive. We obviously must have a president and commander-in-chief in full and complete health, who is in constant command of his faculties, and who has no known risk of being temporarily unable to discharge the duties of office.

All of which would make a Rick Perry candidacy both inevitable and necessary. Perry, Bachmann, and Herman Cain are the most enthusiastically popular potentials with Tea Partiers, but even fervent Tea Party supporters would be forced to concede it would not be a good idea to have a president who might be sidelined for periods of time virtually without warning.

It sounds like there is a Republican effort to shove Bachmann aside to make room for Perry, using a treatable medical condition as an excuse.

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