Andrew Breitbart’s Effort To Convert Me

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Speaking at the Right Online banquet in Minnesota Friday night, Andrew Breitbart read an email I sent him and announced his mission to convert America to conservatism, “one Alan Colmes at a time.”

Gateway Pundit posted Breitbart’s mission statement, leading to these bon mots from conservatives (spelling errors left intact).

  • What a waste of breathe.
  • How? A brain transplant? I always thought you needed a trade-in for one of those.
  • Don’t get too hopeful, Andrew. Pharmaceuticals may help, but Colmes is likely suffering from a rather severe form of liberal mental and spiritual disorder.
  • You cannot convert sheer evil and Alan Colmes is sheer evil.
  • there is no cure for stupidity…
  • Which sex has Breitbart chosen for Alan? And good luck.
  • The ONLY way to convert a radical socialist is with a bullet between the eyes. 100% efferctive.
  • Human waste can be converted to fertilizer or energy. Has Breitbart chosen which of those he prefers for Colmes?
  • Good luck. I have written numerous letters to Fox News trying to get Colmes off Fox News Watch because the man destroys a discussion…
  • Alan Colmes is a moron – you’d have to give him a brain transplant before you could even start on giving him a logical thought, and even then the ‘stupid’ residue left over in his body would probably pollute his new brain.
  • …Allen is a (white man) and as good as he is at sucking up to the kenyan fraud his head would be one of the first to be cut off! That is the only thing that will shut of that scum bag up!
  • Wow! I was going to leave a comment but so far you commentors have said everything I can think of! Keep them coming folks these are great!

With such a warm welcome to the right, how could I resist!

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