Twitter Flirting: In Defense Of Weiner By @DCDebbie

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by @DCDebbie

I’m a single woman who is very active on Twitter and I like to flirt. I flirt with A LOT of people and I tweet complimentary words to anyone who I think deserves it: man, woman… sometimes even conservatives. I’m not trying to have a relationship with them. I will likely never date anyone I know exclusively through Twitter. However, in my mind, the object of my Twitter affections appreciates the attention, and who doesn’t like to feel good about themselves?

I sometimes flirt through DM (direct messages) with guys. It’s hard to tell who is married and who is not (unless they are famous and obviously married). Unbeknown to me, some of these guys are married men. Whoops! I don’t think any less of them unless they want to meet up. Mostly, these guys like the stroke of their ego, but that’s it. These men don’t live near me; they appreciate the attention and they are safe because they usually don’t do anything about it.

I’m not going to use the whole “men are men” or “it’s in their DNA” excuse to cheat.  Man or woman, I think everyone likes a compliment and attention from the opposite or same sex. Even married men in very good, loving, strong relationships like to think that they are still attractive.

Okay, you say, married men can flirt, but what Congressman Weiner did was aggressively send pictures to six different women. That’s true, but it is up to his wife to judge him, not the American public. We can slice and dice what he did, question what pictures he sent, analyze the extent of his relations, but — unless he was having sex with underage girls — he wasn’t engaging in any illegal behavior. Barring that, he’s a putz who got caught flirting.

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