Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Standing by My Man, Rep Weiner

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by @DCDebbie

Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Standing by My Man, Rep. Weiner

10. Rep. Weiner didn’t break any laws: He didn’t use tax-payers’ money for trips to Argentina to cheat on his wife (SC Gov. Mark Sanford). Heck, depending upon his relationship with his wife, his flirtations might not be deemed as cheating.

9. Ethics investigation? The fervor of this ethics investigation needs not to be on the flirtations of a congressman from New York, but on the bias of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who failed to disclose $100,000 in support of his nomination by the Citizens United Foundation when he heard the now-infamous Citizens United case.

8. Rep. Weiner’s indiscretions won’t and doesn’t affect policy. It’s TABLOID. It will not affect your life in any way. It’s actually worse than tabloid, it’s a tool of distraction so that the media doesn’t go after someone whose decisions DO affect our lives and in the most profound ways: Clarence Thomas. Sitting on the highest court of the land, Thomas knowingly violated rule of law for 20 years!

7. It is no coincidence that the initial “Weiner” photo was released on the same exact day that Thomas dumped his financial disclosure records and that Weiner had led the charge to push Thomas’s hand to do just that.

6. Rep. Weiner doesn’t have a “sex scandal” on his hands.

  • He didn’t pay for sex (Eliot Spitzer, David Vitter…)
  • He didn’t troll on Craigslist for sex partners (Christopher Lee)
  • He didn’t go skinny dipping with a 15 year old and try to pay her off
  • He didn’t make a sex tape with a mistress (he doesn’t have a mistress) (John Edwards)
  • He didn’t solicit oral sex from a man in an airport bathroom (Larry Craig)
  • He didn’t send sexually laced e-mails to teenage boys, Congressional pages no less! (Mark Foley)
  • He isn’t a closeted gay man in his secret life while pushing anti-gay policy in his political life (a la Ken Mehlman and SO many others)
  • He didn’t smoke meth with male prostitutes (Evangelical leader Ted Haggard)
  • He didn’t have around relations with an intern (Bill Clinton), former aide (John Ensign), lobbyist (Mike Duvall), or
  • From what he reported during his bare-all (pun intended) press conference, he didn’t have sexual relations with anyone other than his wife

He was a married man who flirted with women on Twitter. Consenting adults exchanging pictures–something that people who have Twitter, Facebook, cell phones, chat programs often do.

5. This issue is between Rep. Anthony Weiner and his wife.

4. Rep. Weiner lied to some members of the press about something extremely personal and completely insignificant to his policy making. Clarence Thomas lied to the entire United States when for FOUR YEARS he willfully failed to report his wife’s $700,000 earnings from a right-wing, anti-health care, tea party organization.

3. Rep. Weiner flirted with women while married; Clarence Thomas allegedly sexually harassed them. I’m not gonna split-hairs here (pun intended) when it comes to Clarence Thomas, but between these two leaders: one apologized; the other continues to serve the Supreme Court.

2. Rep. Weiner didn’t didn’t push “sanctity of marriage” policies. He didn’t run on an anti-monogamy, pro-fidelity campaign. You may be angry by his cover up right now, but the man made a mistake and while it was dumb of him, he didn’t use his indiscretions to push policies like all of the ostensible Christian leaders who have affairs, sleep with men, molest children, serve their their cancer-stricken wives divorce papers while they’re in the hospital, all while touting “family values” and “sanctity of marriage.”

1. It’s no conspiracy. Married men and women flirt; sometimes it leads to infidelity and other times it’s just flirting. Rep. Anthony Weiner was targeted by the right-wing for his role in calling out the ethics violations of Clarence Thomas. AND… a big HUGE AND… the first photo was conveniently released on the SAME day as the Thomas financial dump.

Google News Hits as of June 7, 7:25 am ET:

Clarence Thomas: 581 articles

Rep. Weiner: 5010 articles

Clarence Thomas has a lifetime seat as one of just nine Justices on the highest court of the land. I care more about his ethics violations and conflicts of interest than Rep. Weiner’s personal life and marital failures.

The media needs to focus on a real issue.

I think it’s time to take action.

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