To Rush Limbaugh I Am The Enemy (And Mitch Daniels Is A RINO)

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It becomes more and more difficult to take Rush Limbaugh seriously. In fact, I may just stop posting about him since he has forfeited serious commentary and is now just trying to get attention. Today, Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels saying that those who disagree are “opponents” not “enemies” sent El Rushbo railing against the left.

“Our ‘opponents’ are accusing us, and have been for decades, of wanting to kill old people – and again now with Paul Ryan and Medicare. Our ‘opponents’ have accused us of wanting to starve children. Our ‘opponents’ have sought the defeat of the U.S. military in the War in Iraq and the War on Terror. I don’t look at them as just simple opponents.

For me, and I’ll limit this to myself, but the American Left today, with their designs on this nation, are an enemy.”

Nice. Not too Reganesque. Hopefully, those who listen to this drivel know it’s an act, and that sane people don’t regard those who have a different point of view the same way they view the Taliban. Way to contribute to positive rhetoric.

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