Navy Agrees To Perform Same-Sex Weddings; Right Wing Has Nervous Breakdown

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The Navy has authorized chaplains to perform same-sex weddings in those states where it is legal, but conservatives are making noises about violating the Defense of Marriage Act as they raise objections to what is increasingly becoming accepted practice. A memo to that effect indicates that they are training chaplains for what will happen when “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” ceases to be military policy.

“Regarding chaplain participation, consistent with the tenets of his or her religious organization, a chaplain may officiate a same-sex, civil marriage: if it is conducted in accordance with the laws of the state which permits same-sex marriages or union; and if the chaplain is, according to applicable state and local laws, otherwise fully certified to officiate that state’s marriages.”

Predictably, this is not sitting well with those who don’t favor equal rights for gays.

…Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, is concerned that, in its haste to “hustle-in homosexuality,” the Navy may be violating federal law – the Defense of Marriage Act…

Tom McClusky, senior vice president of government relations at the Family Research Council, agreed that the Navy is totally ignoring DOMA, part of which defines marriage for federal government purposes as being between one man and one woman.

“You’re talking about government facilities and government employees, so it would seem to be a direct violation of DOMA,” McClusky told “I’m not seeing a lot of wiggle room there.”

…“The president may think he’s above the law, but he’s not. If he has a problem with the Defense of Marriage Act, that’s something that he needs to address legislatively, not just by ignoring it.”

McClusky is ignoring what the administration’s stance is on DOMA. They have pledged to enforce the law but to fight it in the courts.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), said the change in training was a “good example of the type of uncertainty and confusion created in the rush to change the previous policy.”

“Rush”? After talking about “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” for years?

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