Republicans Want Birth Control For Horses But Not For Women

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Nick Kristoff accurately notes that 350,000 women who die in childbirth each year would have much more hope if contraception were available to them. In third world countries like Somalia women die because of lack of services. It doesn’t happen in America to that extent, but denying women access can only harm them. Republicans cut international family planning by 5% this year, and that has an impact on women everywhere.

By United Nations estimates, 215 million women worldwide have an “unmet need” for family planning, meaning they don’t want to become pregnant but are not using effective contraception. The Guttmacher Institute, a widely respected research organization, estimates that if all the unmet need for contraception were met, the result would be 94,000 fewer women dying of pregnancy complications each year, and almost 25 million fewer abortions each year.

Republicans want to cut even more family planning dollars, which would result in more pregnancies ending mothers’ lives. But Republicans are treating horses better than they are women.

…there was one Republican-sponsored initiative for family planning in Congress this year. It provided contraception without conditions — for wild horses in the American West. It passed on a voice vote.

So here you have the net result of Republican policies resulting in more abortions, and more planning for the horse population than the human one.

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