There’s An Alternative: “The People’s Budget” Explained In 90 Second @MainStInsider Video

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by DCdebbie

It’s not as sexy as debating whether we should release death photos of Osama bin Laden, but the budget remains the major item on the Congressional agenda this week–and the Navy SEALs aren’t getting us a compromise. The future of our country isn’t dependent upon bipartisan agreement on whether bin Laden’s capture was Bush or President Obama’s victory, but it does depend upon agreement on a budget.

Of course you’ve heard of the two big proposals out there: President Obama’s relatively moderate budget that doesn’t do much to contain the debt, and Paul Ryan’s radical plan that cuts taxes for the wealthy while ending Medicare as we know it (and shredding what else is left of the safety net).These are considered the “serious” proposals by the Beltway elites, pundits and the media.

Meanwhile, there’s also the People’s Budget, introduced last month by the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

The People’s Budget keeps the debt at sustainable levels while preserving vital services and investing in new economic recovery programs. It’s the most feasible out of all these proposals at managing the debt, but it’s largely overlooked.

America needs to know that there is more than just the Ryan Medicare-killer and the moderate-Obama plans.

I live inside the Beltway, but when I talk about the budget with my friends or family outside of DC, I am sometimes greeted with eye rolls, blanks stares or straight-out anger. About 80% of the time, they’ve never heard about “The People’s Budget.”

Realistically, while the U.S. budget’s impact on Americans can mean life or death for some, many are still too busy, disinterested or discouraged by Washington politics to learn more. Be real; you know people who don’t think about this often. But they need to.

That’s where Main Street Insider comes in. An organization that empowers Americans who are “frustrated with the excessive influence of wealthy and entrenched interests in Washington,” this organization serves these ignored constituency with a new type of insider coverage. I just learned about them and I’m already hooked on sharing their weekly “90 Second Summaries” of the top Congressional legislation of the week. With FaceBook, Twitter, DVR, texting, and increasingly faster technology, America is adopting an attention-deficit culture of little time for in-depth research.

If you can get your friends to watch a 90-second video of a giggling penguin or a cat stuck on a ceiling fan, you can ask them to watch this video. It’s worth a shot.

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