Condoleezza Rice: George W. Bush With His Bullhorn “Most Important Moment Maybe In American History”

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by toma

Where do I even begin with an assertion so bizarre? How do we assess the mental state of someone with such a marginal understanding of the history of her own country? How do we come to terms with the facts that this person was once our National Security Adviser, once our Secretary of State?

Or do we chalk it up, again, to Bushies just being Bushies?

Brian Kilmeade: The president, in his speech, did a great job on his speech Sunday night, talked about coming together like we did on 9/11, he wants to see it happen again. Do you think a nice gesture would be to invite President Bush out on Thursday, when he comes down to Ground Zero, to greet the families?

Condoleezza Rice: Well, obviously, I’ll leave that to the two, the two of them and to the administration. But President Bush had at Ground Zero probably the most important moment in, uh, maybe in American history. It was when this wounded nation watched their commander-in-chief stand on that rubble and say they will hear us, we are going to avenge this . .

I’m not going to spend much time composing an easy and lengthy list of moments more important than George W. Bush telling firefighters he’d go to war with the 9/11 attackers — I have a life, you know. But these are less important moments in American history, according to Dr. Rice?

–signing the Declaration of Independence
–drafting the Constitution
–Lincoln’s Gettysburg address
–signing the Emancipation Proclamation
–Confederate surrender at Appomattox
–ratifying the 19th amendment (women’s suffrage)
–FDR’s Pearl Harbor address
–surrenders of the Axis powers
–Civil Rights Acts of 1964/1965
–Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech
–astronauts landing on the moon

That’s a daunting list. But atop it belongs a recent event? The NSA who secured nobody on September 11th, 2001, would pin Bush with his bullhorn jawboning atop a pile of rubble infused with millions of bits of burned and shattered flesh. That wasn’t a horrific symbol of failure and tragedy, that was some statement of national greatness. One wonders what’s “most important” in Condoleezza Rice’s America.

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