In The 70s, Trump Management Got Sued By The Justice Department For Refusing To Rent To “The Blacks”

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by toma

“I’ve always had a great relationship with the Blacks.”

Mmm, maybe not. digs up the truth about Donald’s and Dad’s treatment of their African-American renters back in the 70s. It was bad enough that the U.S. government intervened to prevent the Trumps from continuing their illegal, lily-white ways:

One of Donald’s first challenges came in October 1973, when the Justice Department hit the Trump Organization with a major discrimination suit for violating the Fair Housing Act. The Times reported:

” … the Government contended that Trump Management had refused to rent or negotiate rentals “because of race and color.” It also charged that the company had required different rental terms and conditions because of race and that it had misrepresented to blacks that apartments were not available.”

Now comes a bit you’ll not be surprised with. Young Donald did not take the accusations lying down, using bullying, lawyers, the media and purple bluster to make his empty case:

He hired his friend Roy Cohn, the celebrity lawyer and former Joseph McCarthy aide, to countersue the government for making baseless charges against the company. They sought a staggering $100 million in damages.

A few months after the government filed the suit, Trump gave a combative press conference at the New York Hilton in which he went after the Justice Department for being too friendly to welfare recipients. He “accused the Justice Department of singling out his corporation because it was a large one and because the Government was trying to force it to rent to welfare recipients,” the Times reported. Trump added that if welfare recipients were allowed into his apartments in certain middle-class outer-borough neighborhoods, there would be a “massive fleeing from the city of not only our tenants, but communities as a whole.”

A federal judge threw out Trump’s countersuit a month later, calling it a waste of “time and paper.”

I’m betting Trump’s relationships with “The Truth” and “The Blacks” will end up the same.

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By: toma

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  1. sugarntasty November 10th, 2016 at 21:15

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