Twitter Boycott @DumpDTrump Leads A Hair-Raising Campaign

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by DCdebbie

Looks like Donald Trump is going to have some hell toupee, er, to pay…

Within five hours of their first tweet, the new @DumpDTrump Twitter campaign created a massive whirlwind of pressure from the Twittersphere pushing Groupon to “Dump D Trump.”

Thousands of tweets flooded GroupOn’s feed, resulting in this statement from “Groupon’s Mouth,” @Julie_Mo, about their sponsorship (or lack thereof) of The Donald’s reality-show, The Apprentice:

Groupon claims to have never sponsored The Apprentice. Now that the message from Twitter users has been heard, Groupon has made a very clear commitment to never sponsor the show, even unintentionally.

According to the twitter account bio for @DumpDTrump, the goal is “to get advertisers and NBC to Dump Trump” because his “racism and conspiracy theories should not be tolerated.”

One down, many more to go!

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