Liberal Talk Show Host Arrested At Allen West Town Hall Meeting

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by DCdebbie

Last night, at a town hall in Fort Lauderdale hosted by Allen “Women-Neuter-American-Men” West, progressive radio talk show host Nicole Sandler asked a question. Then she tried to ask a follow up question. That led to her being arrested and handcuffed.  As she was escorted out, she tried to ask the police officer for his name and badge number. No response. She asked him to stop touching her as she was leaving. No Response. She explained to the officer, “I’m a constituent of Congressman West, and I came to a town hall meeting where I thought you’re allowed to have back and forth.” You’d think this is how town halls operate, right?

The video gets interesting at 3:22.

If it had been in a public space, there would have been no grounds (pun intended) to ask her to leave. What kind of “town hall” meeting has the speaker taking only pre-authorized questions?

The meeting marked the first time hecklers disrupted one of [West’s] presentations, the first time an audience member got arrested (liberal radio talker and Air America alum Nicole Sandler) and the first time West passed up direct questions from the audience in favor of written ones. West said the new format wasn’t an attempt to dodge tough questions.

Was he dodging? Or was Sandler out of line? It’s not like she stomped on somebody’s head.

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