Limbaugh Attacks Boehner For Not Selling Out Enough To Big Oil

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By Yashwanth Manjunath

John Boehner made an enormous mistake yesterday by coming out against subsidies/corporate welfare for Big Oil. Boehner, in a fit of temporary insanity no doubt, forgot who he works for and proposed a policy that would actually benefit ordinary Americans. How dare he? Exxon Mobil, BP, and Haliburton ought to be offended by this blatant insubordination. But the biggest tut-tut for Boehner came from the bloviator-in-chief himself, Rush Limbaugh.

On his radio show today Rush proudly said:

If I were a political leader and a Republican and the Democrats were hellbent on ending Big Oil subsidies and raising taxes on Big Oil in circumstances like we are in now, is it just me? This may be the difference between working in radio and working in politics. I would defend Big Oil!

That’s Rush Limbaugh, always standing up for the little guy! This is a perfect example of how Rush is an absolute fraud. Why would a real conservative defend subsidies distorting the sanctity of the free market in any way? Rush isn’t a conservative; he’s a corporatist, just like every one of the so-called conservatives in the Republican Party who continues to defend subsidizing the most profitable industry in the history of the world.

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