Right-Wing Media Activist Andrew Breitbart Gets Very Annoyed With Martin Bashir’s Simple Questions

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by toma

Some interviews tell you a great deal about someone by the way they answer questions. Other interviews tell you a great deal about someone by the way they dodge, interrupt, argue and tell the interviewer he’s part of a conspiracy.

This interview would fall into the latter category. MSNBC’s Martin Bashir interviews right-wing media mega-source Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart, you will remember, was the guy who edited down and posted an address by then-USDA employee Shirley Sherrod that made her appear to be a racist. The full video, later released, proved her to be the exact opposite: someone who confessed to having racist ideas but, in the end, rose above them.

Martin begins the interview by reminding Andrew of his autobiographical assertion — he loves the “absolute truth.” Andrew must admit, no, he didn’t look at the whole video before editing and posting it. You’re not shocked, I know. After that, the interview fairly dissolves into misdirections, frustrations, interruptions, accusations and paranoia. Watch:

Though Bashir remains cool the entire time, he gets absolutely nowhere with the conservative icon.

There are too many very telling things to note of Breitbart for my one, small post. But one thing I will offer: Breitbart feels a media outlet is a vigorous vehicle for opinion as opposed to truth. One wonders when simple honesty, if ever, is appropriate.

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