Red Capes And Other Depressing Government Propaganda For You To Wear

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by toma

When Alan put up a post earlier today on a Central Florida agency buying bright red capes to hand out to the unemployed, I cringed. Surely the folks that run a place meant to improve the lives of the jobless aren’t that dumb.


How can Central Florida help fight Dr. Evil Unemployment? . .

Oh no. Yes they are. How can they be so blind? Not only is it a childish, insulting and fiscally irresponsible effort, it’s a fiasco we’ve seen before.

Not long after Richard Nixon resigned from office and Gerald Ford began his presidency, he decided to tackle the problem of inflation in the U.S.. With an economy at peak employment but with shortages in oil and food, the nation saw skyrocketing prices in the staples of day-to-day living. That, combined with the country’s mood in the wake of the deposed, disgraced Nixon adminstration, made for a miserable America.

The president sprang into action.

Ford declared inflation “public enemy number one” before Congress on October 8, 1974, in a speech entitled “Whip Inflation Now,” announcing a series of proposals for public and private steps intended to directly affect supply and demand, in order to bring inflation under control.

“Whip Inflation Now” might have been a footnote in history but for the one silly, tragic thing that came with it: the WIN button. Americans were inspired by it — only in exactly the wrong direction.

“WIN” buttons immediately became objects of ridicule; skeptics wore the buttons upside down, explaining that “NIM” stood for “No Immediate Miracles,” or “Nonstop Inflation Merry-go-round,” or “Need Immediate Money.”

Here it is:

By a miserable Christmas of that year, “Whip Inflation Now” had become a cruel joke, a national gaffe. It was among the biggest reasons why Ford lost the presidency in 1976 to Jimmy Carter.

Lesson of history: Americans don’t enjoy wearing bright red government propaganda. See you.

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