Buckingham Palace Won’t Keep Lights On For U.S. TV Coverage, So Here’s An Idea: Don’t Cover It

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Who in his or her right mind is going to get up at 4AM to watch people they don’t know and have no reason to care about get married? I don’t even enjoy going to weddings of people I like. Now comes word that Buckingham Palace is ignoring pleas from U.S. television networks to keep lights on during the dark hours after the wedding so they can get good shots, and the Palace is ignoring the request. They don’t care about us, so why should we care about them?

The lights that illuminate the façade of the royal residence are going to be switched off at 12:30 a.m. — just when prime-time coverage in the US is about to begin — the palace said yesterday.

Network news officials have been pleading with Buckingham Palace officials “for weeks” to keep the lights on all night so that they could use the palace as a backdrop for their recap specials following the wedding next Friday, says one American TV exec…

The lights would make it impossible for the staff who live in the royal residence to go to sleep, the palace said yesterday.

“We have tried to be as accommodating as possible,” a spokesman for the palace told a London paper. “There was a request to keep the lights on all night, but there’s nothing more we can do about that.

“There are residential concerns as well as environmental. We have staff living within the palace facing the mall. The decision won’t change,” the spokesman said.

Note to American networks about the Brits: They’re just not into you. Why should we be into them?

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