Who Doesn’t Love A Good Game Of ‘Spot The Republican Fail’?

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by toma

How about a little late night fun? Sure, why not, we could use it. Watch this video clip and see if you can catch Georgia Republican Rep. Tom Graves accidentally stuffing a fiscal whoopee cushion in his big-boy pants.

Last week, MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer challenged Graves over the alleged panacea-power of tax cuts. Given Rep. Paul Ryan’s “serious” budget proposal that balances massive tax cuts for the rich by decimating Medicare and Medicaid, it’s about time that somebody did.

Gee, Tom: George W. Bush slashed taxes like crazy, but America only ended up crazy-bleeding jobs. How do you square that?

Tom squares it with some loopy facts. Enjoy:

If you like Steve Benen, you can click to see his post — he caught it.

Or you can just peek at my Cliffs Notes. G’night!

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