Alabama GOP Congressman Forced To Retract Calling Democrats “Socialist”; Repeats Charge In Interview

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Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks says he doesn’t regret referring to Democrats as “socialist” on the House floor, and that those who object are being “thin-skinned.”

“Folks, we are here today forcing this issue because America is at risk. We are at risk of insolvency and bankruptcy because the socialist members of this body choose to spend money that we do not have,” Brooks said.

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., interrupted and asked that Brooks’ remarks be “taken down,” a rare disciplinary action in which the clerk reports what was said and the person presiding over the House session determines whether the remarks were inappropriate.

Brooks was told he could either retract his comment or defend it, and wait until a ruling later in the day. He chose to retract it so he could continue he speech.

In an interview afterward, Brooks said, “People could quite clearly infer that socialism is what the other guys are promoting.” He added that he didn’t think his use of the socialist label violated the rule, he didn’t mention any members by name, and he did not regret using it.

“I was making a point only about an economic system,” Brooks said…

A general definition of socialism is an economic system with central government management of the production of goods and services for the overall good of society.

Of course, in common parlance, “socialist” is often applied to Democrats to imply that they favor a foreign system of governance. Yes, it’s a way to call them un-American.

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