Mitt Romney In Paperback More Tea Party-Friendly Than Mitt Romney In Hardcover

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Gail Collins does a marvelous takedown of Mitt Romney as she notes that the reworked paperback version of his obligatory pre-presidential run book changes a few things that were not in the original.

When the new paperback edition of “No Apology” came out in February, early readers noted that not only had Romney added a new subtitle but also a new preface, ranting about the founders-hating big spenders who are now running the country. And, most notably, he had also changed some critical chunks of the original to make the text more Tea Party-friendly.

For instance, paperback Romney has now noticed that the Massachusetts health insurance law that he championed as governor does have some flaws, all of which are because of anti-freedom provisions that the Democrats in the State Legislature put in. Also, the stimulus was way, way worse than he originally thought.

The earlier version had Mitt claiming, “I don’t think of myself as highly partisan.” This, after the book attacked very Democrat known to man. Also, key parts of Romney’s life were left out, like the time he put the Irish Setter on top of the family car to drive to Canada for vacation, resulting in the need for a carwash (and some training about how to care for live animals). With the shocking announcement that Romney is forming an “exploratory committee” for president, all that remains is to discover which Mitt Romney will be the candidate this time.

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