Lindsey Graham: Congress Should “Reinforce” Patraeus Condemnation Of Koran-Burning Preacher

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Claiming, “Free speech is a great idea but we’re in a war…,” South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, on Face the Nation, suggested Congress should act to clamp down on actions like those of the Koran-burning Florida pastor.

BOB SCHIEFFER: I want to get to this Afghanistan thing. General Petraeus today condemned the actions of this Florida preacher, who–who burned the Koran. You heard what Senator Reid said.


BOB SCHIEFFER: Is there anything that actually can be done along this line?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: You know I wish we could find some way to–to–to hold people accountable. Free speech is a great idea but we’re in a war. During World War II, you had limits on what you could say if it would inspire the enemy. So burning a Koran is a terrible thing. But it doesn’t justify killing someone. Burning a bible would be a terrible thing but it doesn’t justify murder. But having said that, any time we can push back here in America against actions like this that put our troops at risk we ought to do it. So I look forward to working with Senator Kerry and Reid and others to condemn this, condemn violence all over the world based in the name of religion. But General Petraeus understands better than anybody else in America what happens when something like this is done in our country. And he was right to condemn it. And I think Congress would be right to reinforce what General Petraeus said.

One has to wonder what Senator Graham has in mind. Legislation to narrow the first Amendment? Laws to stop book burnings? And which books? And who gets to decide where that slippery slope ends?

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