Koran-Burning Pastor Feels No Responsiblity For His Actions

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Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones defends his actions, and doesn’t feel responsible for riots in Afghanistan. After vowing not to burn the Koran, “not today, not ever,” Jones said he wanted to raise “awareness of this dangerous religion, this dangerous element.” Jones spoke with ABC’s Bill Weir and asked him about putting the Koran on trial.

Weir: And who was the judge and jury in your trial?

Jones: I was the judge, but I did not determine the verdict. I was just a type of referee to make sure everybody got their fair time to defend the Koran or make a defense against the Koran.

Weir: And who was the jury? Who was the jury — who condemned the Koran?

Jones: Individuals mainly from around Florida. The jury was open to Muslims, we did have no Muslims on the jury but what we did try to do–like a regular American jury–we did try to make sure the people were not already prejudice or against the Koran. They were to listen to the evidence, like I say we had on both sides of the fence. We had definite authorities concerning the Koran. If the Koran was found not guilty then I was to issue a public apology for our accusations and insults against the Koran…

Weir: Should you bear any responsibility for inciting today’s horrific actions?

Jones: We do not feel responsible — no. Um, we feel more that the Muslims and radical Islam uses that as an excuse. If they didn’t use us as an excuse, they would use a different excuse…

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