Is Donald Trump Serious About The Presidency?

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By William K. Wolfrum

Showing his true colors as a publicity hound, Donald Trump has lately been making noises about running for president. The bankruptcy expert has been tooling about, talking himself up, while even throwing a bone to the Birthers by questioning Obama’s citizenship.

It’s all a ruse, of course. That Trump would have no chance of winning makes no difference to him, because Trump has no plans whatsoever to actually run. His recent comments have been made for two reasons: 1) to inflate his ego, and 2) to PR his TV show Celebrity Apprentice.

Now, this is not some mind-blowing observation on my part. Every political journalist in America has to know that Trump is just grandstanding. As Kevin Brass at The National wrote:

Voters who take a few minutes to examine his record in the property business may be in for a few surprises.

His primary talent is a genius for keeping his name in the press. Other business leaders have turned themselves into a personal brand – from Giorgio Armani to Sir Richard Branson – but few have managed to create a myth that is so out of pace with the reality of the business record.

The truth about Trump is that he’s a celebrity. He’s good at promoting himself. His personal life has a Gingrichian number of skeletons. As a businessman, he has repeatedly filed for bankruptcy. Hell, he couldn’t make money with a casino in Atlantic City.

Simply put, Donald Trump is using the political media to keep his name and show in the newspapers. And the media is eagerly complying. Trump is a celebrity, after all. They can’t help but join with him as he makes a farce of of the U.S. political process. Trump is a clown, and the media will be more than happy to continue to provide him the circus in which to perform.

In the end, all Trump is doing is a Charlie Sheen impersonation – grabbing notoriety and money from making outlandish statements. But at least Sheen isn’t pretending to participate in serious political discourse.

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By: William K. Wolfrum

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