Should We Donate Money To Japan? Felix Salmon Says “Don’t”

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Financial writer Felix Salmon at Reuters says we shouldn’t donate money to Japan.

Japan is a wealthy country which is responding to the disaster, among other things, by printing hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of new money. Money is not the bottleneck here: if money is needed, Japan can raise it. On top of that, it’s still extremely unclear how or where organizations like globalgiving intend on spending the money that they’re currently raising for Japan — so far we’re just told that the money “will help survivors and victims get necessary services,” which is basically code for “we have no idea what we’re going to do with the money, but we’ll probably think of something.”

Salmon does say it’s wise to give to groups like Doctors Without Borders or the Red Cross, since they pool the money to be used where they see the need, having a better overview of just where the money is needed, not targeting just one disaster area.

Salmon’s provocative peace has provoked some intense comments:

Felix Salmon, you irresponsible, self-righteous ass. I am looking at your blog post from the staffroom at a high school in Northern Japan. Your headline is extremely offensive.

Donate to the Red Cross and donate now: anquake2011.html

Posted by bschlabs

“Japan is a wealthy country which is responding to the disaster.” So no countries of this plant should have helped U.S during Katrina, is that right?

9600 of my country’s people haven’t eaten anything since Friday meanwhile you are drinking Starbucks coffee and rich fat food… You disgust me.

Posted by megumi203

Just who do you think you are, Felix Salmon?

How very dare you even think to belittle our country of Japan, let alone the work of these amazing charities and rescuers.

If you are giving your money begrudgingly (and boasting about how much) then we do not want your help.

Right now, the issue is not about nuclear power, it is not about apparent wealth. The issue is about respect and care and help for a nation traumatised by these awful events.

How can you even think of writing such a hurtful, stupid and pointless blog?

How dare you?

Posted by kasukabeshi

Then there’s:

The headline will grab eyeballs – which is a good thing, because the message is important. I only wish more people would actually read what the post says, and I wish people would stop making uninformed comments on matters they only have shallow knowledge of. The article is 100% correct.

Posted by morkas

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