O’Keefe’s NPR Video Was A Lie

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Just like his ACORN video and his phone tampering of Mary Landrieu, the NPR video by James O’Keefe that resulted in many apologies and the resignation of Vivian Schiller was dishonest.

A closer look at his most recent video shows that the NPR hit piece includes lies of both omission and commission. At many points in the raw footage, former NPR fundraiser Ron Schiller can be seen rejecting attempts by the fake Muslims to buy favorable coverage. Instead, Schiller makes it clear that NPR’s coverage is not for sale.

NPR blogs about it, but it’s too bad they didn’t make this part of the narrative when the story broke.

One “big warning flag” [Poynter Institute faculty member Al] Tompkins saw in the shorter tape was the way it made it appear that Schiller had laughed and commented “really, that’s what they said?” after being told that the fake Muslim group advocates for sharia law. In fact, the longer tape shows that Schiller made that comment during an “innocuous exchange” that had nothing to do with the supposed group’s position on sharia law, David reports.

Tompkins also says that O’Keefe’s edited tape ignores the fact that Schiller said “six times … over and over and over again” that donors cannot buy the kind of coverage they want on NPR.

Scott Baker, editor in chief of the conservative news site The Blaze, tells David that after watching the two-hour video he came away with the impression that the NPR executives “seem to be fairly balanced people.”

O’Keefe claimed Sunday on CNN that the tape was “very honest.”

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